We Cannot Take the Distance

A quarterly magazine is nice, but we miss you between issue releases. You’re a good listener, so we want to spend more time with you. That’s why we’re going to publish more articles and content on our website.

Like the core publication, the online articles will cover anything that affects distillers, distilleries, and distilling. We want them to be informative, helpful, and hopefully fun, but not over-regulated or heavily taxed.

Many of the articles will be written by Artisan Spirit assistant editor and senior writer Chris Lozier. Chris’s first Artisan Spirit article appeared in our second issue, Spring 2013, and he grew with our magazine as a writer and proofreader. Today he is our most prolific writer and plays a large role in our collaborative editing process. He is always eager to do his best job, he’s friendly, and he’s a damn good fisherman. That seems relevant for some reason.

If you have a story you think other industry members would benefit from hearing before the next issue publishes, send us your idea and we will dig into it. If the stars align we will publish the story here, and we may include it in the print edition, too.

Artisan Spirit is inspired by, informed by, written by, and devoted to the people in the distilling industry. These online articles are another way we can work together to make our community stronger. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and growing closer. We kinda’ like you all.

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