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Arryved knows that a POS can’t be one size fits all. Your job is to make and serve delicious spirits in your unique environment, and your point-of-sale’s job is to support you by providing the best tools to do so. An all-in-one POS will flex to support you with:  

  • Mobile POS. Take orders and payments anywhere, even offline!
  • QR code menus, ordering, & payments. Cutting edge tech delights staff and guests. 
  • Real-time reporting. Our reporting tool crunches the numbers so you don’t have to.
  • Integrations with software you’re already using. Hey, QuickBooks! (and more)
  • Easy-to-use loyalty program. Reward your biggest fans and incentivize new ones.

All this, coupled with a pricing model that gives access to every feature and unlimited customer support at no extra cost, proves Arryved’s commitment to your distillery’s growth and staff happiness.

Award Winning New Mexico distillery, brewery, and Arryved customer, Red River Brewing and Distillery credits Arryved’s QR code ordering, menus, and payments for having a big impact on their guests’ experience. 

Michael Calhoun, Owner of Red River Brewing and Distillery said, “A couple of things that really appealed to us about Arryved was the OpenTab feature that lets your customers help themselves by scanning a QR code and ordering before our servers actually help them out. It’s had a significant impact on our customer satisfaction because people don’t feel neglected. They feel recognized and that’s been a real challenge for us in an environment where we are short staffed, it’s really answered that problem for us.” 
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