FET — The time is now!

As the legislative session winds down for the year, the Federal Excise Tax reform we’ve been hoping for is being discussed on Capitol Hill and will be voted on shortly. Now is the time to call and email your legislators and tell the how important their support is on this bill.

We particularly want to encourage our fellow craft distilling industry support and service providers to make some calls. The funds freed up by the Wyden-Blunt Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act will allow distillers to reinvest in their businesses and that should be news to your ears. Equipment manufacturers, cooperages, marketing and design consultants, bottle manufacturers, label printers, tops suppliers, malting houses, grain growers — we’re talking to you!

Pick up that phone, tap that keyboard and tell your legislature what a healthier craft beverage industry will mean to your business!

Here’s the content of the email we sent to our state’s federal legislators. (Please feel free to replace Washington with your own state and send it on to your legislators)

Dear ____________,

I would like to respectfully urge you to support the Wyden-Blunt Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform compromise and make every effort to include it in the tax package now under consideration in the final days of session. The compromise includes language that would substantially reduce the excessive and burdensome excise taxes paid by small distillers. Distilled spirits products are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. We believe this modest reduction in our federal excise tax will not only create new jobs and investment incentives but also further stimulate the agri-tourism industry throughout our state.

Many Washington state businesses, such as my own, serve and supply the distilling industry across the country. Equipment manufacturers, grain growers, malting houses, and marketing and design firms are just a few who will benefit from new investments by craft distillers. The support industry building up around the booming market of small distillers is an exciting place, and we’re hoping you consider supporting the Wyden-Blunt Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform compromise.

And distillers
— don’t forget to put out the word to your friends and fans. Let them show their support and let’s get this darn thing passed already.

Here’s some examples of how other distillers are spreading the word…


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