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Cascade Distillery


December 21, 2012

Cascade Peak Spirits, Inc., Ashland, Oregon.

Oregon’s Organic Spirit

CONTACT: Diane Paulson, Owner

541-840-2513 (cell) or 541.482.3160 (distillery)


Since 2008, Cascade Peak Distillery, Oregon’s first and only certified organic distillery, has been handcrafting the highest quality, award winning ORGANIC NATION Spirits. In 2009, we decided to unleash our creativity by venturing into the world of Whiskey. We are proud to announce the limited release of locally handcrafted, certified organic OldField Rye Whiskey.

OldField is a small batch, limited release, only 22 cases available, aged 22 months in New Oak barrels. OldField has a 65% organic rye and 35% organic malt content, which provides our lovely Rye plenty of spice, cinnamon, and vanilla notes for a smooth finish. OldField definitely belongs in the distinguished league of the newly well-crafted American Ryes.

Cascade Peak Spirits departed from their 4-½ yr. old signature brand name, ORGANIC NATION, under which they handcraft organic vodka and gin. OldField is named after two of our earliest Investors. We believe that the culture of whiskey can denote a nostalgic time and theme, and even more so, the whiskey lover’s palate is more sophisticated and experienced with mouth feel, nose, and top and front-end burn. Whiskey drinkers are sippers, savoring each taste!

OldField is certified organic and is Cascade Peak Spirits most sustainable spirit yet. Pacific Botanicals, an organic farm established in Grants Pass, Oregon since the late 1970’s, grew the organic rye. The picture on the bottle logo is of this organic rye field. Rye, a self-irrigating crop, is planted in the fall, grown and irrigated by winter and spring rains, then harvested during the warm months of early summer. The carbon footprint of OldField is small indeed and supports the ‘Locavore’ movement to buy local and support small businesses as well as honoring the environment by not polluting our air, water or soil, with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

OldField is available at the distillery in Ashland, Oregon, which is licensed like a state liquor store to offer for purchase our ORGANIC NATION gin and vodka, and OldField Rye Whiskey. Because this is a very limited release and as a special thank you to three incredibly loyal and supportive liquor stores in the Rogue Valley, restaurants and consumers can purchase it for $49.95 at:

1. Ashland Liquor Store, 40 Lithia Way, Ashland (541) 482.4258

2. Southside Beverage Shop, 51 E Stewart Avenue, Medford (541) 772.1155

3. Talent Liquor Store, 101 S Pacific Hway, Talent (541) 535.5336

CPS just won the 2013 Gold Medal with The Good Food Awards for their ORGANIC NATION vodka and gin and we are sure that OldField will garner winning accolades as well.